Shahid Khan purchased the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2012 and received a tremendous welcome from the people of Jacksonville. In an effort to help the community Mr. Khan formed STACHE Investments Corporation to support business people in the area hoping to help them grow their businesses and provide new employment opportunities for people in the Greater Jacksonville area. It is hoped that between the activities of STACHE Investments Corporation and the charitable efforts of the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation that the Khan family can improve the quality of life for the wonderful people of Jacksonville.

About us

Grow your passion

Mr. Khan is a passionate business person and understands the hard work that is needed to successfully grow a business. STACHE Investments is looking for business owners and entrepreneurs with the same passion and work ethic seeking an investor to help them achieve their growth objectives.

The business must be;

  • located in one of the five counties of the Greater Jacksonville area
  • have near term plans to employ at least 25 employees


Jacksonville and Northeast Florida Regional Economic Development

JAX Chamber
jax chamber

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We appreciate your interest and only respond to inquiries we consider are likely to fit our investment profile.

Thank you for you time and we wish you success in your venture.